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Franklin Women in partnership with Serendis Leadership are delighted to launch the annual Franklin Women Mentoring Program for 2021.

This initiative is a structured leadership and mentoring program that supports and promotes mid-career women (mentees) who are aspiring to leadership roles in the health and medical research sector. It also provides an opportunity for senior leaders of any gender (mentors) to develop inclusive leadership capabilities to benefit their own teams, organisation and the broader sector.

“A program that empowers and equips the future leaders of the Health and Medical Research sector with the skills they need to succeed and flourish. I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities and will take this confidence forward as I progress in my career.”

Former Mentee

The cross-organisational program combines mentoring sessions between mentees and mentors with a series of structured workshops and events between June and November 2021 (refer to the program flyer below for the full schedule).

The facilitated workshops provide career, leadership, and mentoring skill development while also helping to drive the mentoring conversations. Mentees and mentors meet one-on-one for their mentoring sessions approximately six to eight times over the course of the program.

“It’s simply outstanding-easily the best leadership/mentorship training I’ve done (and I’ve done what feels like a lot!)”

Former Mentor

Please refer to the program flyer below to learn more about the program and view the program details

Program Flyer


Complete the program application form by clicking the REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM button at the top of the page.

Your organisation’s representative will be in contact regarding the outcome of your application prior to Wednesday 21st April.

Your organisation’s representative will be in touch with you regarding the outcome of your application prior to Wednesday 21st April.



9.30am - 4pm

Tue 1 Jun

Mentee Initial Workshop An introductory career and leadership development workshop to provide content for mentoring conversations.

In person


2.30pm - 5pm

Thu 10 Jun

Mentor Initial Workshop An introductory workshop to provide mentors with tools in mentoring and strategies to support their mentees in this program.

In person


5pm - 7pm

Thu 10 Jun

Program Launch An evening cocktail event to celebrate the kick off of the program. Former mentees and mentors will speak about their experiences.

In person

9.30am - 11.30am

Wed 14 Jul

Signature Strengths Workshop A workshop designed to help mentees and mentors
identify their individual signature strengths.

12pm - 3.30pm

Tue 17 Aug

Program Check-In Session and Networking Lunch  An opportunity for mentees and mentors to exchange
feedback and insights from their mentoring experience,
revisit the leadership and mentoring frameworks while
building connections with peers from across the sector.
In person

9.30am - 11.30am

Wed 15 Sep

Panel Discussion Event A panel of select mentors will answer mentee questions and share insights about their careers. Virtual   

9.30am - 11.30am

Wed 6 Oct

Advanced Leadership Session  A session for mentors to collectively reflect on key insights
from the program and learn more about how to positively
shift the inclusive leadership culture within their own
organisations and the sector.

5pm - 7pm

Thu 11 Nov 

Grand Finale Cocktail Event Celebration to close the 2021 program.

In person

All events are subject to COVID-19 health restrictions

In addition to the facilitated sessions, six to eight one-on-one sessions between mentee/mentor pairs are recommended over the course of the program

For any questions, please contact:

Dr Melina Georgousakis | Founder, Franklin Women | 0428 320 750 | melina@franklinwomen.com.au

Bianca Havas | Program Director, Serendis Leadership | 0403 911 900 |  bianca@serendis.com.au